A little somethin’ somethin’


Having not posted since November, I have obviously had many fascinating events in my absolutely thrilling life which must be documented in this incredibly public forum. Alas,  I am just sooo engaged in the seemingly endless number of activities in my village that the last few months will have to be described in short prose.

Translation: I’ve been too lazy to write, and I’m still so lazy that I’m just going to write random words to chronicle some conceivably interesting events for the few stragglers who stumble upon this monstrosity of a blog. Here goes.

World AIDS Dayproject, awareness, “what are condoms?”, uncomfortable, productive

Thanksgiving: apartment shenanigans, sad, khatchapuri not turkey, homesick

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My new bedthe worst, the only kind of plank more uncomfortable than the exercise kind

City Hall English Classes: week in Tbilisi, hot spring baths of heat death, guests of Georgian Dancing with the Stars, teaching evening classes for working adults

Snow in Tkibulisnow

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All Volunteer Safety & Security Conferencesurvey results = everyone’s depressed, powerpoints, running water, G12/G13 football game domination

Well that was quite poetic, don’t you think? Next up: a riveting account of my Christmas surprise visit to the land of the free and home of Chipotle!

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