Taking the LSAT in a foreign country

In the spirit of exams, let’s all take a little quiz here (mostly because I want to use this cool blog feature):

Ok I’m glad we cleared that up. Here’s a rundown of what it’s like to determine your entire life’s future in the midst of utter economic chaos. But first, this meme:



In America: Oh man I really need to study today. I’m going to head to Starbucks and then the library for a productive, quiet cram session!


My Reality: Oh man I really need to study today. I’m going to wake up early enough to use the temporarily running water, boil some, pour a random amount of instant coffee into a mug (because I still haven’t figured out a tasty proportion–there might not be one), then sit down at my desk and try to tune out all the roosters and goats/pigs/cows/people screaming in Georgian for no reason


#2 pencils? My friend had to get them shipped from America and share one with me. I used to like, bathe in #2 pencils. I used to think it was ridiculous that proctors had to articulate the fact that we needed #2 pencils to take exams. Again, I was bathing in them, like I literally used to have too many on my desk and I would get annoyed by their constant presence. This time I had to beg my friend and trade some comparably valuable items in return for one.

Recent passport-style picture? Four hour roundtrip marshutka trip to Kutaisi, a total of 33 lari (7 travel + 3 picture + 22 McDonald’s), total mortification when the picture machine told me that my face was not passport compatible. I will just tell myself that it was a mistranslation. Hmph.

Printing out admission ticket? Ummmmmm….where? How? Wait until the day before the test and pray that there is enough paper in the Peace Corps office printer? Yup.

Quart-sized ziploc bag to hold materials? Oh yeah let me just roll on up into Walmart and pick one of those bad boys up. OH WAIT. Also, I had to google how big a quart is because I seriously have no idea. Also, I had to dig through old package boxes from my parents to see if there was even a ziploc bag of any size, yet alone a freaking quart. What is a quart and why did the elusive ziploc bag have to be that size?

Granola bar snack? That sounds super healthy. It would be the perfect sugar-high-inducing thing to munch on during our break, while maintaining optimal blood sucrose levels or whatever. Maybe I could even buy the kind with dried fruit and nuts for a nice little balanced snack! Nope. Khatchapuri? Maybe. Definitely more plausible…

Test Day

There’s nothing like taking a standardized exam with non-native English speakers to make you feel good about your bubble-filling-in abilities. I was really riding high at the beginning there like, yeahhhh I got this, check out this nice bubble I just filled in for my full name! I even put my cover sheet on the edge of the table so that the proctor would be impressed at how well I understood the directions. Wazzup now, LSAT! I know your game! But turns out, I don’t actually know about LSAT games; logic games, that is. That was a massive fail. But overall, things went pretty well. My friend, as mentioned, was also taking it, which was nice because I had to someone to commiserate (read: drink) with afterwards. It lasted six hours but will haunt my dreams for six years.

So that was my LSAT experience in an nutshell, sans score. I’ll know in late October. But until then, I’m ready to move on to more fun parts of law school applications such as trying to explain why my current address is just “The American, Tkibuli, Georgia…the country” :)

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