No country for old men? This is THE country for old men!

Seriously. It’s like the 1500s around here…I am of course referring to the gender roles, but I guess there are quite a few delicacies that are meant to be eaten off of iron skewers, sooo that’s delicious and kind of medieval.

Speaking of old school stuff, last weekend a huge, integrated group of PCVs–and with that I mean both currently serving groups together (a rare exhibition of mutual goodwill)–went old school camping on a lake about 10 minutes north of my town. A huge group of PCVs traveling anywhere together inevitably leaves a mark; marshutkas are stuffed with all of our unnecessary luggage, English is spoken loudly much to the disdain of locals, all of the boxed wine magically evaporates from markets, and apparently the regional police have to follow us. That’s right, on our weekend of fun, the police chief and some of his bros came along and camped right behind us, simultaneously accomplishing all of the following: 1) Keeping us safe 2) Making us nervous 3) Going on beer runs for us 5) Using their cars as disco lights and speakers 6) Ruining the best pee spots with their parking locations. All in all,  it was a successful day in the sun and night alone inside of our tents…because now we all get socially awkward when too many people are around.

With very good reason, I can see how some of you might not really know what I do in Peace Corps except satisfy some very visceral needs constantly (six meals a day of pure cheesy, buttery, somehow oily bread goodness, anyone?) and totally get denied others (SLEEP! dagnab roosters). I won’t share all of the insider secrets, but I will show you some pictures of a project that my NGO recently put on in a nearby village. It was an ecological fair of local products such as tea, honey, and jet stone trinkets. Is trinket a British word? If so I will stop using it immediately. Someone just let me know. Anyway here are the pics:

In the next few weeks, we will be welcoming our new Polish volunteers, writing some grants, kicking some butt, symbolizing all emotions on the internet via emoticons ;) , losing 99.9% of verbal conversations in translation but still somehow understanding each other, spending an abnormal amount of time socializing during work hours…you know, the usual life in an international NGO. Also I just realized that trinket probably isn’t British because I was thinking of the word “crumpet”. Yeah, that one totally is. Bah humbug.

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